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We've got a new Paige! Yay! So everyone add each other and ...you know...if you have time and all....it'd be nice if you just promoted a wee bit???

Also, the BIG episode is on tonight. The most "Intense" one ever. Can I please ask that:

1.) I know most of you probabaly rush home and watch the 8-oclock. Since we don't know what happens and some of you will probably see it at 10 or 12, then can you please refrain from updating your character LJ's until at least 12:30 est? I know it's a lot to ask seeing as we'll all be excited, but it's just curtious. Also, there will be some that will see it tommorow. Well, I cant wait that long (lol, sad isnt it) so if you dont see it till tommorow and don't want to see any spoliers, just dont look at anyone's character LJ until you do. Its only fair because some people really dont want to wait till tommorow.

2.) You tell a friend who has an LJ and loves Degrassi about this community? : ). to keep it alive we'll need every main spot filled, so lets get this arollin'!


Very cornilly yours,
  <333 Elle

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